How to Manage Group Chats in Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp has various features that help control and funcitonalite good to use for groups, many who use the standard WhatsApp prefer using Fouad WhatsApp as it offer flexibility without much limitation. In this guide we walk you through some tips you can use on how these features to help you manage group conversation more effectively.

Customize Group Settings

One of the remarkable highlights that Fouad WA is capable of customizing settings for each separate group chat. In addition to that, admins can also change group icons, customise wallpapers and even use different notification tones for different groups. Turn Custom Notifications On for a Group— When you want to configure custom notification for a group, you will go to the group chat, tap on the name of the group at the top to reach Group Info, and then select Customize Notifications. The feature is especially useful when it comes to segmenting different sections and keeping a track of the multiple conversations.

Privacy Controls

Fouad WhatsApp: This adds another layer of privacy in certain group management settings, where users can control who can add them to groups. There are options that allow the Admin to have the final decision of when a member can enter, which will help neglect spam and unauthorized entries. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. There you can select either Everyone, My Contacts, or My contacts except… to control who can add you to a group per your requirement.

Advanced Admin Controls

Gorup Chat Mangement- Group administrators in Fouad WhatsApp have easier to use controls to manage their members. Admins can also restrict members from typing messages, which will be helpful when you need to send announcements or maintain a silent decorum with larger group. You can access this feature by simply visiting the group settings and then choosing ‘Send Messages. Admins can change control of the firehose from ‘All Members’ mode that allowed all members to push messages to the group to ‘Only Admins’ mode, that is pretty self-explanatory.

Anti-Delete Messages Feature

One of the unique features of Fouad WhatsApp is the ability to have anti-delete messages. This lets group members view messages that others have deleted (important for transparency and accountability over time) Simply head to the privacy options in the settings menu and turn on the ‘Anti-Delete Messages.’ When sending something to the group it ensures that it stays visible for everyone, even if someone tries to delete.

Auto- Reply and Message Scheduling

For easy communication management, Fouad WhatsApp offers message scheduling or auto-reply options. Salient FeaturesIdeal for sending reminder and greetings for the most preferable date and timeGood distribution shall not be required; voters are already available in database. From settings -> Fouad Mods, navigate to Message Scheduler and Auto Reply to utilize these options. It will keep active group chats engaging without needing to be manually interacted with all the time.

How to Get the Most out of Group Chat

These features in fouad whatsapp will help you to use the advanced features to manage your group chat properly. Now, whether you need to have better control on privacy, better options to manage as an admin, or just you need scheduling message, then fouad whatsapp is all the tools you need to drive your dynamic, high-volume interactions from the ground up.

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